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It is unbelievable how quickly time has flown by! The world has experienced a great deal of heartaches and changes. We have almost become accustom to expecting change every hour, if not every minute. Considering the ongoing changes, as a ray of sunshine, it is that time again for nominations and elections for Georgia ACDIS leadership positions.

The intent of this email is not only to serve as a reminder, but to encourage and inform you of the various roles that can be a perfect fit for you! We have elected in the most recent bylaws to have members serve a minimum of two (2) years in each position, to allow an individual to truly grasp the responsibilities with the support of the previous team. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at


  • The nominee must be an active chapter member to be eligible; certain positions require an individual to actively work in CDI or a CDI-related profession for 3 years or greater
  • Please consider nominating yourself or someone that will be of great asset to the GA ACDIS community to continue growing and supporting our community
  • Please submit a short bio (500 words or less) that we will be used on the ballot for Georgia ACDIS members to vote by September 15, 2020
  • Submit all items in one email as attachments to


Co-Chairs The Co-Chairs will be responsible for contributing to the chapter newsletter. They will help organize (along with other officers) the quarterly meetings to be held at alternating host sights. They will also be available to answer any ACDIS National questions and serve as the GA-ACDIS Chapter representative to the National organization. The Co-Chairs will announce the newly elected officers after the vote count prior to the completion of the winter meeting. The Co-Chairs will conduct the quarterly business meetings with elected officers.  The Co-Chairs will assist in the formation of an annual budget.  The Co-Chairs will correspond with guest speakers post engagement with written expressions of appreciation. Co-Chairs share duties and shall assume all duties of the office in the other’s absence or ability to preside. These persons will preside over the installation of newly elected officers. These individuals coordinate recognition of the immediate past Co-Chairs as directed by the membership. 

Secretary The Secretary will maintain minutes for all board meetings, officer meetings and quarterly chapter meetings.  The Secretary will send out an overview of the most recent meeting to all active members via e-mail before the next quarterly meeting. The Secretary and Treasurer will maintain a current roaster of membership.  The secretary will send/ disseminate information to chapter and collect RSVP notices for chapter meeting. This individual will serve as a contact person for inquiries from the Georgia chapter email. This officer is responsible for overseeing the activities for communication.

Treasurer The Treasurer will send out annual dues notices and will collect any dues submitted. New members can submit dues at any point throughout the year.  However, the following year’s dues can only be collected from December of the upcoming year. The Treasurer will maintain an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements of the Association.

ParliamentarianThe Parliamentarian reports to the Co-Chairs.  The Parliamentarian is available to work on tasks as specified by the Co-Chairs. The Parliamentarian will assist with the coordination of motions and resolutions as requested during meetings and will assist with meeting management. The Parliamentarian reviews the agenda before meetings and ensures that the organization’s Robert’s Rules of Order are followed. 

Committee Chair/ committee Member– The Committee Chair and Committee Member reports to the Co-Chairs. The Committee team works on tasks related to education, community service, scholarships and topic selection for chapter meetings. These individuals’ work on tasks related to the chapter newsletter, and may utilize social media, in-coordination with Co-Chairs, to promote the chapter, disseminate information, and recruit member participation.

The 2020 Georgia Chapter of the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists Leadership have worked extraordinary this year keeping the chapter afloat forging creative adaptive ways to stay engaged with the members amid a pandemic keeping us all at home.

  • Co-Chair – Pauline O’Dowd
  • Co-Chair – Jamie Doster
  • Secretary – Paula Rector
  • Treasurer – Bonnie Epps
  • Parliamentarian – Julie Bell
  • Committee Chair – Stephanie Arthur
  • Resource Officer – Marciann Robertson

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